Become one of our changemakers

Are you curious where the metals in your smartphone come from? Do you know that mining is related to human rights abuses and environmental destruction? Do you want to obtain more knowledge, skills and experience in making a positive change? Then join CATAPA’s changemaker programme.

During the programme you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the ecological and socio-economic impact of mining and acquire skills and strategies of activism. Throughout the year you will gain insight in how a grassroots movement functions and how you can set up public actions and awareness raising activities to create change.

What will you do during the programme?  

  • participate in the Training weekend (19-21 October 2018) to gain knowledge on mining and acquire awareness raising skills
  • join hands to organise a public action on Black Friday to raise awareness on the impact of ICT  
  • participate in the Movement weekend (14-16 December 2018) and learn in an interactive way how a movement can contribute to change
  • put your skills into action: give a workshop, organise an awareness raising event, accompany an international guest speaker during the Open Min(e)d week in Belgium… or come up with your own idea!
  • participate in a Summer training in the UK where change makers from across Europe come together to exchange and learn (June - July 2019)

Who can attend?

The change makers’ programme welcomes everyone who is:

  • interested in themes of mining, ICT value chains, human rights, sustainable development, international solidarity or related topics
  • has the willingness to learn and engages her/himself to actively contribute to CATAPA’s work in 2018-2019
  • feels comfortable to communicate in English


Participation fee for the training weekend, the movement weekend and the international Summer Training (50 EUR each, without transport). When you organize activities during the change makers programme, transportation costs within Belgium are covered by CATAPA.

If you have difficulties to cover the participation fee, you can contact us.

How to enroll?

Do you want to join the programme? Enroll by sending a brief motivation to info[at]

About the change makers programme

The change makers programme is part of the three year Make ICT Fair project. All activities can be attended separately but we encourage you to participate in the complete training programme.

Disclaimer: This project is organised with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication is the sole responsibility of CATAPA and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.