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Fotoboek Simon Lenkens                   [NEW!]

The photobook 'I Wonder Who Bewitched Us / Me Pregunto Quien Nos Embrujó / Tapukunin pita'q layccaruwaransi (2017)' illustrates the struggle in Peru against large scale mining. His photos show how intrusive mining can be for people and nature, and how life at the same time continues.

For more information see the website of Simon Lenskens.

1 for €2, 3 for €5

Postcards Oruro (Bolivia)                     

Choices between three beautiful pictures from Bolivia. To send to your best friends or to keep for yourself.

Profit goes to Rainharvesting Project concerning Poopó lake, Oruro, Bolivia.

€15 (€12)

T-shirt Colectivo Tomate (Peru)

The Peruvian artists collective Colectivo Tomate travels from Lima to the entire country to raise awareness about the many social conflicts in the country. They do this through wall paintings (Pinta y Lucha), live radio reports (Radio Bomba) and video reporting (Guerilla Audiovisual), colourful pins and printed T-shirts.

By buying these T-shirts you support the terrific work of Colectivo Tomate and you show solidarity with the communities in Peru.

Available in (almost) every colour.

€12.5 (€10)

Las Caras de la mina (Dutch and Spanish)

Our CATAPA-book ‘Las Caras de la mina’ or ‘The faces of the mine’ illustrates, through photos and testimonies, the stories of people from Bolivia, Peru, Honduras and Guatemala.
Ordering is exclusively available through our website.


Birthday calendar                                  

Birthday calendar with 12 photos from the partner countries of CATAPA. All photos were taken by Catapistas themselves.

€7.5 (€6.5)

Colourful case (Bolivia)

Be the most fair fashionista of your friends with this colourful case. It has an extra pocket inside for your money or small treasures. Big enough for a good amount of personal belongings, but small enough to be practical and compact. Available in various colours.

€7.5 (€6.5)

Pencil case (Bolivia)

Never again will you have to search for a pen thanks to this flamboyant pencil case! Be the coolest kid in class (or in the office). Available in various colours.

€5 (€4)

Wallet (Bolivia)

Wallet with big pocket for notes in the back and a separate pocket in the front for coins. Easy to wash and easy to keep with you thanks to the attached ribbon.

Available in various colours.


Bolivian Belmundo-bottles

Buy one of our Bolivian Belmundo bottles and support our Rainharvesting Project.

Drink in style with these refillable bottles.

€4 (€3)

Key chain Lama/Alpaca (Bolivia)

Picture yourself in peaceful mountain areas with your own mini Alpaca. Does not spit. Available in various colours.


€3 (€2)

Key chain Bolivian woman (Bolivia)

Bolivian doll in traditional clothes. You will never be lonely again with this faithful friend at your side. Available in various colours.

€4 (€3)

Earrings Round (Peru)

Cheerful earrings from Peru. Available in various colours.

€5 (€4)

Earrings Drop (Peru)

Earrings which fit any occassion. Available in various colours.

€6 (€5)

Earrings Stone Drop (Peru)

Fancy earrings with small stones. Available in various colours.

€7 (€6)

Earrings Stone Round (Peru)

Big earrings with elegant details. Available in various colours.

€7 (€6)

Earrings Stone Oval (Peru)

Big earrings with elegant details. Available in various colours.

€5 (€4)

Small Pencil bag (Peru)

This small leather pencil bag is perfect for anyone who does not want to go around with too much stuff. Beautiful details of native patterns.

€2,5 (€2)

Pens (Peru)

With these pens you will most surely be noticed. You can choose from a Peruvian women (with baby), Peruvian man (with flute) or their companionable alpaca.

€4 (€3)

Money pouch / Small bag (Peru)

Wouldn't you just want to give this money pounch to everyone? Available in various colours.

€5 (€4)

Key chain & money pouch (Peru)

This very original money pouch is one of our favourites! It's both a key chain and a small pouch for coins. How practical!

€9 (€8)

Small handbag (Peru)

This small leather handbag has a long cord. It's ideal for a night out. Especially if you are joining a Latin American party. Detailed with native patterns.

€3 (€2)

Keychain Girl (Peru)

This Peruvian girl makes us happy. A perfect addition to your keyring.

€3 (€2)

Key chain Doll (Peru)

Seriously one of the cutest key chains we have ever seen. We couldn't not take them. You?

€5 (€4)

Key chain Peruvian woman

This key chain just makes everyone smile.