Solution Strategies

CATAPA seek to ensure that ecologically loss will be inserted - on a long-term base - in the cost-benefit analyzes of mining projects. The following question has to be asked: "What does a mining country?" You must work case-targeted to make this exercise.

However in the North there may be a generalist solution strategy with high priority: In the first place, there will be less metal used. The reclamation of mines that contain metals only (eg. gold mines with less than 0,001% of gold) is just an expensive way to postpone the necessary behavioral change for a very short period. This inefficient practices are costly in economic terms, but having a huge ecological and social costs along. CATAPA believes that investment in mining practices from the North should decline as soon as possible.

Along with these investments, there will me more efficiently dealt with already mined metals. An investment shift will have to take place in mining investment, to keep investing in the introduction of the already mined metals, through recycling and ecodesign.

Up to this shift to a circular economy, in which waste is the source of raw materials instead of mines is complete, only responsible mining can meet the demand of raw materials. It is essential that case-oriented  is considered how it can be done on mining, and that the residents always have the final decision on wether to do mining in their region. Additionally there will always remain no-go zones for mining.