CATAPA offers technical and legal support to NGOs in Latin America. The ‘Study & Lobby’ working group responds to specific demands from the South or from other working groups. Research is an essential part of our movement.

CATAPA focuses in its research on all fields of science. This can range from globalisation and liberalisation, environmental, social and economic sustainability, to the study of health risks and local and international law. The Study and Lobby Working Group also conducts multidisciplinary research together with Belgian universities and colleges for alternatives and responsible mining practices.

Wanted: Intelligent individuals

To provide proper research, CATAPA mainly relies on students and recent graduates. The Study and Lobby working group is always looking for diverse profiles of experts in many domains (sociologists, anthropologists, legal experts, biological and civil engineers, economists, biologists, urbanists, etc…) Let us know if you want to share your knowledge with us: send us an email: info[at], or click here to find out more about us.