Campaigns and projects

Generation Transition

Generation Transition is the campaign of CATAPA. Young adults, who will be working until 2050, are the main actors who have to make the transition to another economy. The object of ‘Generation Transition’ is to educate young adults that leads entrepreneurship, allowing them to create initiatives that will result in a sustainable way to treat raw materials. The youngsters are stimulated through various teaching tools to set up training or to participate, where the focus is always on the solution; to stimulate entrepreneurship and leadership, and the positive story of ‘good practices’.



The Goud:eerlijk-campaign (honest gold campaign) is an initiative from CATAPA,  Ecolife and the Conscious Consumption Network. This partnership has taken on a leading role in showing the growing problems caused by (gold)mines. We try to raise awareness for the (lack of) responsibility the North has concerning the problems in the South. The Goud:Eerlijk (honest gold) campaign aims to raise awareness about the circumstances surrounding gold mines in the global south and consumer responsibility. We wish to become a reference point in- and outside of the Belgian borders as far as it concerns these issues.

This campaign’s main focus is gold, however gold is only one example of the many precious metals and minerals which attract destructive mining methods.

 We want to search for constructive, peaceful alternatives and solutions for these problems, with a focus on the protection of ecosystems and the rights and uniqueness of local communities in the South, that often fall victim to intrusive (multi)national mining companies establishing themselves  in their regions. Unsurprisingly, this has often led to conflict in the past. The power gap surrounding such conflicts usually get in the way of open dialogue, democracy, sovereignty and the search for peaceful solutions. In the North we influence supply of and demand for gold. Therefore, to great extent we, the consumer, are causing depletion of natural resources in other parts of the world. Gold is used in various forms such as jewellery, industrial applications, and as investment. We must  act in Belgium as well. Thanks to the grant obtained from VAIS (Flemish Development Cooperation) requesting a project in development education 2011, we have the possibility to develop the Goud:eerlijk campaign and to undertake essential action against unnecessary and irresponsible use and mining of gold. Read more...

From September 1st, 2011 until August 31, 2014, we have conducted a campaign, given formations, wrote articles, collected old mobile phones, encouraged jewellers to sale Fairtrade gold, etc. After three productive years is our campaign finished. This does not mean that we can forget the message, the impact of large-scale gold mining is huge. In many places in the world, even in Europe, the are still trying to open new open pit gold mines. We must continue to fight against those mines and to limit the harmful effects. So recycle those old cell phones, look for a bank that does not invest in mining and stand up for the rights of people affected by the ecological and social impacts of gold mining.

Goud:Eerlijk? organised together with Ugent1010 activity called ‘GSMWerpactie’, people have to throw their old mobile phones to recycle those phones and to raise awareness. You can watch a report here.

In May 2013, Charlotte Christiaens of CATAPA and Bas van Abel of Fairphone talked about mining and mobile phones in the Flemish program ‘Terzake’. Watch the report here.

Marry fair! You can buy Fairtrade wedding rings. The gold of wedding rings is often unfairly exploited. Learn more here.

Mining in Paradise?

CATAPA supported the Peruvian organizations ‘Front for the Sustainable Development of Northern Peru’ and ‘Red Muqui’ with the international campaign ‘Mining in Paradise?’ in 2010. CATAPA assisted them in their efforts to make the Peruvian government and the other stakeholders clear that there are certain areas where mining cannot be allowed.

Together with their partner organizations CATAPA wanted to help on the demand for information about mining in local farming communities, and support them in development of joint actions. We supported farmers’ organizations who wants the issue of no-go zones in the regional and nationals Peruvian politics, and we raised awareness of citizens in Belgium and other European countries on the mining problems in Northern Peru.

The overall goals of this campaign was to promote international solidarity with the rural population of Northern Peru. The success of this was illustrated by the e-petition, which signed by about 3 000 people of 75 different countries and 140 different large and small organizations, and many kilos coffee of CATAPA which we sold to support local communities in Northern Peru. Read more...