The theme of ‘mining, globalisation and sustainable development’ deserves a place on the (inter)national lobbying agenda. The ‘Study & Lobby’ Working Group searches for and maintains helpful contacts in Belgium and the rest of the world to form an international movement. CATAPA also collaborates with organisations and agencies around the world, environmental, peace and human rights movements, trade unions, politicians, press and media, academia and businesses.

CATAPA wants to build an international network to put the cases we focus on, on the political agenda. Through this network, CATAPA wants to raise awareness and protest around the issue of extractive industries and globalisation.

Therefore, CATAPA collaborates with existing networks that work on these issues. For instance, CATAPA became the first foreign member of the London Mining Network. This British NGO wants to be a watchdog for mining companies based in London. This is an important place for the mining sector because the five largest mining companies are based there, and the London Stock Exchange determines the mineral resource prices for the rest of the world.

The main South Partners of CATAPA at the moment are CEPA and GRUFIDES. Through weekly contact we are always aware of current events and we keep each other posted about recent changes and knowledge through constant exchange of information.

CATAPA also collaborates with many partners in Flanders and Belgium. We organise campaigns and events with Broederlijk Delen, 11.11.11, FIAN, Netwerk Vlaanderen, Universiteit van Antwerpen, Universiteit Gent, KULeuven, Ecolife, Putumayo, Act4Change, Mediaraven and LNE Ecocampus.